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Pearl Fractional Resurfacing

Pearl Fractional Resurfacing

Pearl Fractional Resurfacing is a non-invasive skin treatment that reduces the symptoms of aging and sun damage, including:

  • Wrinkles
  • Uneven Texture
  • Uneven Color
  • Dullness
  • Stretch marks

Pearl Fractional Resurfacing can help you achieve a fresher, more vibrant complexion with little discomfort and no need for time off from work.

Pearl Fractional Resurfacing works by pulsing the top layer of skin directly and transmitting heat to the deeper layers of skin. As a result, your skin will form a protective natural dressing while the deeper layers of skin are stimulated to produce more rejuvenating natural compounds. When the natural dressing peels off on day 3 or 4 after treatment, you will notice the vibrancy of your new skin.

The skin will continue to improve in appearance. You may notice that it is clearer, smoother, and softer than before.

Am I a candidate for Pearl Fractional Resurfacing?

Pearl can help you if you are unhappy with visible signs of aging or sun damage and you have light to medium skin tone.

Is there any downtime after a Pearl Fractional Resurfacing treatment?

After a treatment, your skin may appear red or pink for 3-4 days. Your skin will also be sensitive to the sun and you should make sure to use sunscreen and avoid sun exposure during this period. Otherwise, you can continue your normal daily routine.

What does a Pearl Fractional Resurfacing treatments feel like?

Most patients describe the treatment as a series of fast, hot pinches. A topical numbing cream is applied to the skin prior to treatment to alleviate discomfort.

How many Pearl Fractional Resurfacing will i need?

Some people see great results after their first Pearl procedure. Others may need a second treatment to achieve the results they desire.

When will I see results?

Many patients see improvement one week after treatment. Maximum results are visible in one to three months.

Can Pearl Fractional Treatments be combined with other cosmetic treatments?

Yes. Pearl Fractional Treatments can be used at the same time as Laser Genesis treatment, dermal fillers, or BOTOX®. During your consultation, a Dynamix staff member will talk with you about your aesthetic goals and how best to reach them.

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